How to secure your wireless router

How to secure your wireless router

This is step by step on how to secure your wireless router
Connect your wireless router per the instructions in your user manual.

Open your Internet browser and enter the IP address assigned to your router. Major manufacturers assign different default IP addresses to their routers. For example, Netgear routers use while Linksys uses Consult your manual for details.

Log in to your router configuration by typing the username and password specified in your manual.

Set your Service Set Identificatier (SSID) by typing it into the box. This is the name of your wireless network. Make it a unique phrase; the default SSID is usually the name of the router manufacturer, such as Netgear or Belkin.

Set your wireless network's security protocol to WPA 2.0 -- Wi-Fi Protected Access. This encrypts any data sent over the network and allows access only to users who have the security key. Set your security key as something not easily guessed. A string of random numbers and letters is recommended. Be sure to record this security key in a safe place so you can recall it when adding a new device to your network or changing network security settings

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