Cyber-D’s SQL Backup 1.01

sqlbackup Cyber-D's SQL Backup is designed to schedule and backup remote SQL databases. Using a PHP script that you upload to your server, Cyber-D's SQL Backup can download a dump of the specified SQL database and save it locally on your computer. You can enter how frequent the backup is to be run (minimum of once a day) and how many last backups to keep. The backups are stored on your local computer. Because Cyber-D's SQL Backup downloads SQL dumps using PHP, it might not be the best solution if you have HUGE databases over 10Mb. However if you wish to keep backups of your blog or other small databases, then this tool might be right for you. The backups are made at midnight and the exact hour can be changed in settings.ini (runathour=0) where 0 is the hour the backups are to be run.
PAD XML file



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