Cyber-D's SWF2JPG 3.01

Cyber-D's SWF2JPG makes it easy to quickly create a series of 'backup images' or 'preview images' of flash banners (swf files). Simply select the folder that contains all swf files and click on "Snap" to create an image of the flash frame and click on "Next" to proceed to the next banner. The progress bar show how far you are from completing all banners. When you are done you will have 'backup images' or 'preview images' of all your swf files.
How does it work?

1. Click on Browse to select a folder containing the swf files.
2. Wait for the right moment and click on "Snap" to create the snapshot. The snapshot is automagically saved in the same folder as the .swf under the same name (except it's a .jpg file). You will also hear a sound to confirm the snapshot.
3. Click on "Next" to advance to the next banner. The progress bar is an indication on what .swf file you are currently at. The status text below the buttons also shows what file you are currently at.

The file is a standalone executable, no need to install it. 
This tool only works properly on your PRIMARY MONITOR due to limitations of the software I used to create this tool (Macromedia Director). If you use this tool on your secondary monitor, you will get jpg files that contain a screenshot of your primary monitor's desktop.
PAD XML file


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